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Agile Project Management
10-13-2010, 02:26 AM,
Agile Project Management
Scrum, a popular Agile project management method, introduced the concept of empirical process control for the management of complex, changing software projects. Scrum holds that straightforward defined processes alone cannot be used to effectively manage complex and dynamic software projects. Risk factors and emerging requirements complicate software development to a point where defined processes fall short. Although it has been attempted in the past, there cannot be a single exhaustive library of defined processes to handle every situation that could possibly surface during a software project. In fact, the manufacturing industry has long known that certain chemical processes, for example, are too difficult to script and define. Instead, an empirical or adaptive management approach is employed to measure and adjust the chemical process periodically to achieve the desired outcome.16 As a result, in the Scrum process, project plans are continuously inspected and adapted based on the empirical reality of the project.

Agile project management approaches balance the four variables in software development while keeping in mind the limits associated with new product development. In software development there are four broad control factors. These factors are interconnected,
when one changes at least one other factor must also change.
  • Cost – or Effort. Available money impacts the amount of effort put into the system.
  • Schedule – A software project is impacted as the time line is changed.
  • Requirements – The scope of the work that needs to be done can be increased or decreased to affect the project.
  • Quality – Cut corners by reducing quality.
Because software development is often considered a sequential, linear process, middle and upper management often assumes that all four of these factors could be dictated to the development team under the waterfall approach. However software development cannot be described by a simple linear process because it cannot be predicted accurately in advance. It is therefore unreasonable to assume that management can control all four of these factors. In reality, management can pick values for three of the four factors at most, and the development process dictates the fourth. The highly complex and uncertain nature of software development makes
this expectation of full control unrealistic.
12-01-2010, 11:59 AM,
Re: Agile Project Management
Thanks for sharing this intersting topic Smile

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