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Working Draft of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
05-07-2008, 09:26 AM,
Working Draft of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
The W3C XML Processing Model Working Group has published a new Working Draft of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language. According to group lead Norm Walsh, changes in this draft are:

1. Fairly substantial syntax changes. A <p:pipeline> is now just syntactic sugar for a particular <p:declare-step>.

2. Significantly reworked the syntax and semantics of variables, options, and parameters. Added <p:variable>. Imposed a syntactic distinction between declaration (<p:option>) and use (<p:with-option>/<p:with-param>) of options and parameters.

3. Clarified the scope of variables and options.

4. Removed value attribute from <p:variable>, <p:option>, <p:with-option>, and <p:with-param>.

5. Removed automatic declaration of parameter input ports; you have to declare them explicitly if you need them.

6. Added p:base-uri() and p:resolve-uri() XPath extension functions to support (XPath 1.0) pipelines that need access to the base URI of documents.

7. Removed ignored namespaces, added <p:pipeinfo>.

8. Redefined the <p:label-elements> step to use a step-local variable in the XPath context.

9. Added psvi-required attribute to pipelines.

10. Changed definition of <p:error> to better address localization issues.

The syntax changes, and making <p:pipeline> syntactic sugar for a particular <p:declare-step>, have the effect of making very simple, straight-through pipelines syntactically simple again.

Reorganizing some of the option and parameter elements, and adding a variable element, makes the language bigger (in the sense that it has more elements) but I think it has significantly reduced some of the confusing sublty that used to exist around declaration and use of options.

In general, I think these are all changes for the better. And I think we're done. This is a Last Call working draft in all but name. The changes are significant enough that we thought it would be best to float them in an ordinary working draft first. That will, I hope, save us the embarrassment of having to do more than two last calls.
12-04-2010, 12:12 AM,
Re: Working Draft of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
Another great guide nice work Smile

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