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JSP - aethak - 10-23-2010

JSP is java server pages. it is just like a html code only thing we just keep java code in the middle of html code. the java code is covered by<% %> these keywords, all the web pages now a days use only jsp and are called jsp pages

Re: JSP - Nikorasu - 10-25-2010

Im guessing the java is used to automatically update the HTML. HTML has to be manually updated, so if you had a calender with html you would have to change the date everyday..

Re: JSP - aethak - 10-25-2010

not really..you need to write a code to do that..but that doesnt invove jsp..it is java..it differs a lot

Re: JSP - Shole - 12-04-2010

hm..thanks I know a bit about jsp now Smile