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NVIDIA To Simplify Product Range - sphere - 05-09-2008

NVIDIA’s VP of Content Business Development, Roy Taylor, recently commented on plans to simplify the company’s product range.

"It is a challenge that we're looking at right now. There is a need to simplify it for consumers, there's no question," Taylor explained.

"We think that the people who understand and know GeForce today, they're okay with it - they understand it.  But if we're going to widen our appeal, there's no doubt that we have to solve that problem," he added.

Will AMD follow suit and simplify their product offerings?  Only time will tell.

Re: NVIDIA To Simplify Product Range - Jones - 10-30-2010

I am completely for this. Their stuff is kind of complicated. I have learned some things about it but I don't really buy from that buisness