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Seeking job. - Matt - 10-25-2010

I am an experienced person when it comes to foruming, I can work as an admin or a mod job, its up too you. I feel like a forum could do with someone like me as part of there staff team.

I have experience at FuturamaFF.com, Promotion-Source.com, Alpha-Gamerz.com, gamevolution.info, CJPDesign.org, -Link_Removed-, UK-Gaming.com and many more. I was offered staff here (forumpromotion.net) but I accepted it then resigned as I didn't feel like the job was right for me.

Must have over 6,000 posts
Must have a PAID domain.

Thats all I want Big Grin


Email me @ efcsticky@gmail.com if you like Big Grin

Re: Seeking job. - aethak - 10-25-2010

great..what does moderators do..can u share your experience