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Alternative to Paypal - sphere - 10-24-2010

Anyone has experience with other 3rd party payment processors beside PayPal. Please share your experience here.

Re: Alternative to Paypal - Matt - 10-25-2010

I haven't found one. Tbh there is nothing wrong with PayPal, i'm happy with it.

Re: Alternative to Paypal - Jones - 10-27-2010

I wouldn't trust anything but paypal. I did have one(I forgot the name) and they took some money from me Sad

Re: Alternative to Paypal - GuruWannabe - 10-28-2010

There are a couple alternatives, but so far PayPal is the best one. There's a new one on the horizon called PayBox.me; they are hoping to become as big as PayPal (or bigger) in the near future.

Re: Alternative to Paypal - Shole - 12-04-2010

I only use paypal so nope Sad